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August 2019
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An interview with Tom Waters, the team doc for professional sports teams, and an update from Jess Mason and Jenny Farah on being senior residents in emergency medicine.

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Jess Mason and Jenny Farah interview residents and new attendings about their experience with moonlighting, and an update from the girls on becoming senior residents. Learn, laugh, repeat!

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Jess and Jenny review techniques for reducing hip dislocations and why ED residents should be doing these procedures.

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Jess and Jenny review and discuss techniques for reducing shoulder dislocations.

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Somehow this episode, recorded in 2014, escaped us! Kenny Banh, a man with incredible stories, has another great one for us about being a first responder on a bad trauma scene. With hosts Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.

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Jess Mason and Jenny Farah explore the various treatment options for migraines in the ED, with Dr. Pablo Aguilera and guest physicians from MetroHealth Emergency Department.

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Jess Mason and Jenny Farah bring you part 2 of our interview with Dr. Bryan Baskin on making smart financial decisions as a resident and new attending. Learn what you can start doing now to make your future more secure.

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Exciting opportunity for residents to speak at ACEP! Hear the details from Jess & Jenny's guest, Jeff Riddell.

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Jess Mason and Jenny Farah bring you an interview with Dr. Bryan Baskin on making smart financial decisions as a resident and new attending. Such an important and too often neglected topic!

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Jess Mason and Jenny Farah share stories and advice from their ICU rotations in emergency medicine residency.

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Guest ob/gyn attending Dr. Alyssa Quimby provides tips on safely treating pain in pregnant patients. With questions and commentary by your hosts and dedicated emergency medicine residents, Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.

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Jess Mason and Jenny Farah bring you an interview with ob/gyn attending Dr. Alyssa Quimby who covers the top 10 pearls for emergency medicine residents and physicians treating OB patients. This month is jam packed with high yield must know facts!

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Emergency medicine residents Jess Mason and Jenny Farah give an update on their 2nd year of residency. Recorded live from Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2014, San Francisco.

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An interview with Dr. Gerry Maloney about his testimony in the Ariel Castro case, with hosts Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.

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An interview with Dr. Michael Weinstock about how residents are not immune from lawsuits, with hosts Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.

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Jess Mason and Jenny Farah interview Dr. Gerry Maloney on his interaction with the international media after the rescued women held hostage in Cleveland for over a decade are taken to the ED.

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What should you do when you're the doc with a news camera in your face? Jess Mason and Jenny Farah interview NBC health correspondent Monica Robbins and LAC+USC resident Dr. Melissa Joseph.

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Jess and Jenny rant about the new public rankings for emergency medicine residency programs. The girls present the facts and the unified position of all the major EM associations.

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Jess Mason and Jenny Farah interview EM attending, Dr. Mizuho Spangler, about her experience being a new mom in residency. We bring this formerly taboo subject into the limelight with an honest conversation about the challenges, fears, and rewards of parenthood as an emergency physician in training.
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Wonder what it's like to start your family as a resident? Jess Mason and Jenny Farah interview LAC+USC resident Max Fitzgerald and his wife Emily about the joys and challenges of having their first child during intern year. Tune in for part 2 to hear the perspective of female residents. Contributors from MetroHealth & Cleveland Clinic.
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Ilene Claudius, pediatric emergency physician specialist, reviews the techniques and literature for removing foreign bodies from ears, with hosts Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.
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Jess and Jenny share advice from residents all around the country that just finished intern year. Hear how you can survive and thrive in emergency medicine residency. Resident guests from Fresno, LA, Cleveland, DC, Phoenix, and NY!
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Peds EM physician Solomon Behar chats with Jess and Jenny about removing nasal foreign bodies from kiddos. Don't miss these pearls!
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Exclusive interview with Ryan McGarry, director of this award winning documentary about America's busiest ER!

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Emergency medicine chief residents Bryan Baskin and Matt Roehrs from MetroHealth and Cleveland Clinic share their airplane passenger save!
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Jess and Jenny interview Mel Herbert, Stuart Swadron, and Michael Weinstock about emergencies on commercial flights. Drama, laughs, tips, and literature for emergency medicine docs on a plane!
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Guest Kenny Banh from UCSF Fresno guides us through some of the common mishaps in emergency medicine procedures: lumbar punctures, central lines, intubations, and cricothyrotomies. Also a discussion on the article, "Myths in Emergency Medicine" from ACEP News. Learn and laugh with co-hosts and EM residents Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.

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More with Joan Papp on Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided with Naloxone) and handling difficult patients with pain in the emergency department. With her advocacy, new Ohio state law HB 170 was passed legalizing distribution of naloxone by physicians to those at risk for heroin overdose.
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Interview with emergency medicine physician Joan Papp and founder of Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided with Naloxone), gives insight into appropriately treating pain in the emergency department. 
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Mel Herbert and Aaron Bright share some gems on working with consultants. Jess and Jenny also interview residents at LAC+USC and MetroHealth / Cleveland Clinic to get their advice. 

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A resident bravely shares his story of how he nearly lost his residency after getting a DUI. Jess Mason and Jenny Farah interview special guest Neil Rifenbark.

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Mel Herbert and Aaron Bright join Jess and Jenny to discuss the art of interacting with your EM attendings.

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Episode 2: Invasive Exams
Brought to you by the same crew that makes EM:RAP and Hippo Education, this new podcast hosted by Jess Mason and Jenny Farah, follows the trials and tribulations of two emergency medicine interns, our journey through residency, and educational highlights from a resident's perspective.
Episode 2 is all about the invasive exams that make us and our patients uncomfortable.
Dr. Tom Lukens from MetroHealth Medical Center talks about digital rectal exams, and Dr. Ilene Claudius from LAC+USC (and regular EM:RAP contributor) discusses genitalia exams in pediatric patients. We also have an excellent tip of the month from EM resident Hans Steck for difficult chest tubes in obese patients.
Please take a listen, send us your ideas and suggestions, and thanks for letting us talk into your earbuds.
Android and all others:
Thanks, and enjoy!
Jess & Jenny
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In the inaugural episode of The Hippo EM Resident Call Room, Jess Mason and Jenny Farah discuss their transition to intern year. Interviews with new PGY2, Daniel Mindlin and new attending, Dan Fisher on their transitions.

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