The Hippo EM Resident Call Room
Jess Mason and Jenny Farah talk with senior residents from across the country Alicia Kurtz and Jenny Beck-Esmay about the challenges we face as female residents in the emergency department. Alicia Kurtz is a chief resident at UCSF Fresno and president of EMRA. Jenny Beck-Esmay is a chief resident at NYU Bellevue and Co-Editor in Chief of FemInEM. This candid conversation highlights the big things and the subtle things that make being a female doctor simply different.

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An interview with Dr. Michelle Storkan about her experience as a wilderness medicine fellow at UCSF Fresno. With your hosts, Drs. Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.

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Are you considering a fellowship in international emergency medicine? We interview Dr. Sean Kivlehan about the pros, cons, and whether or not this could be for you. With your hosts, Drs. Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.

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Dr. Shira Schlesinger talks about her experience doing an EMS fellowship. With hosts Drs. Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.

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Dr. Jenny Farah interviews Dr. Talib Omer about his experience as an ultrasound fellow. What are the pros and cons of fellowship? Why ultrasound? With hosts, Drs. Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.

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An interview with toxicology fellow, Dr. Bryan Corbett, about his fellowship experience so far. Is tox for you? Soul searching starts here. With hosts, Drs. Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.

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Considering a fellowship in Pediatric EM (PEM)? We chat with current fellow, Dr. Margaret Huang from UCSD, about her experience and advice. With hosts, Drs. Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.
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An interview with sports medicine fellow Dr. Stephanie Bailey about the ins and outs of doing fellowship in sports medicine.

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An interview with current critical care fellow Dr. Harman Gill. Is a critical care fellowship for you? Many questions get answered about who should do fellowship, where, why, how, and what it does for your career.

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This episode introduces the Fellowships in EM series. Jess and Jenny discuss the pros and cons of doing fellowship, what their plans are, and how we are going to tackle this huge topic over the next several episodes.

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Emergency medicine residents Jess Mason and Jenny Farah discuss ideas for what to do during your elective rotations in residency. With guests Danny Choi and Melissa Joseph from LA County USC, Mike Gottlieb from Cook County, and Maggie Sheehy from UIC.

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A free episode of C3: Continuous Core Content, from EMRAP. Featuring Doctors Stuart Swadron, Mizuho Spangler, Mel Herbert, and introducing Dr. Westphal and Jimmy. Covering the core content of emergency medicine #IAmJimmy

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Doctors Jess Mason and Jenny Farah provide tips on how to study during your emergency medicine all your spare time.

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Senior residents Jess Mason and Jenny Farah catch up at Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2015 on what we're learning, where we're going, and if we'll be ready when we get there. It's an honest look at the stories and experiences that shape us as ER doctors.

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