The Hippo EM Resident Call Room
Jess Mason and Jenny Farah interview Dr. Mike Weinstock about how EM residents can chart smarter. Then, Jess & Jenny discuss developing their approach to charting and sign out.

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Mel's pearls on running a smooth code and some amazing stories of the best and worst codes of his career!

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Our conversation continues with Dr. Tom Waters, team doc in professional sports. And of course, some drama in the ER from Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.

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An interview with Tom Waters, the team doc for professional sports teams, and an update from Jess Mason and Jenny Farah on being senior residents in emergency medicine.

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Jess Mason and Jenny Farah interview Rae Nogueira, an ER nurse at the University of Cincinnati, about working together effectively. ED pearls and update from the girls!

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Jess Mason and Jenny Farah interview residents and new attendings about their experience with moonlighting, and an update from the girls on becoming senior residents. Learn, laugh, repeat!

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Jess and Jenny review techniques for reducing hip dislocations and why ED residents should be doing these procedures.

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Jess and Jenny review and discuss techniques for reducing shoulder dislocations.

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Somehow this episode, recorded in 2014, escaped us! Kenny Banh, a man with incredible stories, has another great one for us about being a first responder on a bad trauma scene. With hosts Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.

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Jess Mason and Jenny Farah explore the various treatment options for migraines in the ED, with Dr. Pablo Aguilera and guest physicians from MetroHealth Emergency Department.

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