The Hippo EM Resident Call Room

Jess and Jenny rant about the new public rankings for emergency medicine residency programs. The girls present the facts and the unified position of all the major EM associations.

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Jess Mason and Jenny Farah interview EM attending, Dr. Mizuho Spangler, about her experience being a new mom in residency. We bring this formerly taboo subject into the limelight with an honest conversation about the challenges, fears, and rewards of parenthood as an emergency physician in training.
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Wonder what it's like to start your family as a resident? Jess Mason and Jenny Farah interview LAC+USC resident Max Fitzgerald and his wife Emily about the joys and challenges of having their first child during intern year. Tune in for part 2 to hear the perspective of female residents. Contributors from MetroHealth & Cleveland Clinic.
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Ilene Claudius, pediatric emergency physician specialist, reviews the techniques and literature for removing foreign bodies from ears, with hosts Jess Mason and Jenny Farah.
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