The Hippo EM Resident Call Room

Mel Herbert and Aaron Bright join Jess and Jenny to discuss the art of interacting with your EM attendings.

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Episode 2: Invasive Exams
Brought to you by the same crew that makes EM:RAP and Hippo Education, this new podcast hosted by Jess Mason and Jenny Farah, follows the trials and tribulations of two emergency medicine interns, our journey through residency, and educational highlights from a resident's perspective.
Episode 2 is all about the invasive exams that make us and our patients uncomfortable.
Dr. Tom Lukens from MetroHealth Medical Center talks about digital rectal exams, and Dr. Ilene Claudius from LAC+USC (and regular EM:RAP contributor) discusses genitalia exams in pediatric patients. We also have an excellent tip of the month from EM resident Hans Steck for difficult chest tubes in obese patients.
Please take a listen, send us your ideas and suggestions, and thanks for letting us talk into your earbuds.
Android and all others:
Thanks, and enjoy!
Jess & Jenny
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In the inaugural episode of The Hippo EM Resident Call Room, Jess Mason and Jenny Farah discuss their transition to intern year. Interviews with new PGY2, Daniel Mindlin and new attending, Dan Fisher on their transitions.

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